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  1. A company has offered me a special deal but I'm not sure about their reliability. Would you match their price?

    No, we don't offer 'deals' or simply seek to match others' prices, for many reasons.

    A "buy 3 windows, get a free door" or "pay for the front and get the back for free" may seem like a good deal on paper but this kind of discounting ploy usually has conditions or limitations attached.

    Bulk pricing like this generally means that you won't be offered much (if any) choice on the style or performance of your products or the installation. Such marketing deals are often advertised as 'from' £xxx and rarely include all the things which we consider - and include - as standard. 

    For a price-match to be valid, the quality of products, standard of service - before, during and after sale - and level of consumer protection offered must be directly comparable and equal.
    We don't believe that is ever the case.

    What we do offer is a fair, no-obligation quotation based on what you want and a proper survey of your property. The final price will cover everything discussed...with no nasty suprises when it comes time to settle up. 


  2. Do you employ commission-based salespeople?

    No. All consultation visits are made by our company owner, Steve Layfield. 

    Unlike most commission-only sales pitches, there is no pressure to trade-up or make an on-the-spot decision.
    Nor do we offer credit or 'easy payment' finance to tempt you into signing on a dotted line.
    Call us old-fashioned but we prefer to give you all the information you need and then leave it to you to make up your own mind, in your own time.

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  1. How can I pay? Do I have to pay anything 'upfront'?

    There are many ways in which you can pay.
    We accept cash, personal / company cheques, bank transfer, debit and credit cards.

    No, we don't ask for a 'deposit' or any upfront payment "to cover materials" or such like...and no established installation company should be asking you to do so. Payment is only due when the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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  1. How long would it take to install my glazing products?

    It is difficult to give an average or standard timescale as we don't consider our customers to be average.

    Generally, from placing an order to completed installation depends on:

    1) The specification you choose or that your property requires. 

    All our clients receive made-to-measure products, with sizes and shapes to perfectly suit their openings.
    This bespoke service takes a little longer to organise but is obviously preferable to supplying 'standard size' products and then trying to make them fit.     

    2) Your availability  / access to your property

    3) Actual installation time obviously depends on the scale of the project...the number of windows and / or doors; the amount of soffits and / or fascias; the size of a conservatory etc...and will be advised following a survey.

    What we do promise is that once we start work at your property, we work on that project  - and only that project - until completed. We do not 'pull' installers off one job to work on another nor disappear and leave your project part-finished for any period.

  2. Do you use Sub-Contractors? If so, how do you control the quality of their work?

    No, we don't use sub-contractors to install any of our products. This way we ensure complete control over the quality of the products, fixings and workmanship.

    Similarly, we use our own workforce to erect and glaze Conservatories but will - at the customer's request - organise and manage the construction of a brick, block or stonework plinth wall upon which the conservatory is to be seated. 
    By nominating a trusted and competent sub-contractor, we can again ensure that the quality of design, materials and workmanship is to our exacting standards. The whole structure - including the wall - is then underwritten by our own guarantees.
    Aside from freeing our customer from having to find, hire, manage and separately pay a builder, this arrangement removes any chance of a 'causal' dispute between parties in the unlikely event that a defect arises. 

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  1. What precautions are you taking against COVID-19?

    We are following all the best advice on safe working during the COVID-19 crisis and will continue to monitor the situation. We are confident that we can deliver our installation service whilst keeping our customers safe.

    See our dedicated 'COVID-19' page for more information.     

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