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Garden Rooms. What's not to like?

A conservatory is a very desirable solution. Some homeowners, however, seek something more.


CAD software helps you to visualise your finished Garden Room. 










A Garden Room creates a very comfortable, secure environment and - due to its superior insulation and sound absorption qualities - can be used 4/7/ they say.   

Some of the great features include:

Economical - Energy saving, money saving, high-efficiency ‘U’ value of just 0.17.
(It's warm)

Aesthetic - preformed insulated panels allow an accurate fit and clean, neat look.
(Did we mention it's warm?) 

Performance - fixed joint technology provides impressive structural integrity

Durability - dry fit slate effect (standard) comes with a 50 year guarantee

Adaptability - will happily support traditional tiles, if preferred

Comfort - 50mm continuous external thermal barrier. 
(Yep you's warm)

Environmental - 100mm internal insulation minimises sound leakage inside <> outside <> inside.
(It's quiet & warm. Everybody's happy)


Working in partnership with a leading manufacturer, we supply the highest performance, best-looking Garden Rooms
on the market. Attractive, clean-lined, comfortable and spacious. This is not an just an extension on your home; it IS your home.

Best of all - as they have been developed to utilise the latest 'offsite construction' methods - we can install your Garden Room quickly, accurately and with minimum disruption to your home and family life.

Our Garden Room Roof. It's all about layers... 


  ...and we've got lots of them   

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